We have a wonderful programme of chamber music concerts to take us all the way through to the end of 2019 and beyond. Save the dates now and avoid diary clashes! Our unique concerts are a major source of funding for Maxability’s charitable work, and we hope you will take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to hear some of the very best music ever composed, played live by exceptional musicians in a highly convivial atmosphere.

All concerts take place on Saturday evenings at 7pm near Arnos Grove, North London (N14). Full booking instructions are below. We look forward to seeing you there. To be added to our mailing list, please fill in your details below. Details of concerts are usually emailed out four or five weeks in advance.

Concerts in 2020

  • 1st February: Miriam Wakefield and Christopher Guild – Cello and Piano
  • 29th February: Piano Quartets
  • 5th April (Sunday): Robin Green and others – Piano Quartets
  • 16th May: Reiko Fujisawa Piano Recital
  • 4th July: Grier Piano Trio
  • 25th July: Ben Schoeman and Tessa Uys – Piano Duets
  • 5th September: Libby Burgess and Tim Lowe
  • 10th October: Atsuko Kawakami Piano Recital
  • 14th November: Rosamunde Piano Trio

Concerts in 2021

  • 9th January: Sam Kelly and Jamie Francis – Folk Music
  • 13th February: Libby Burgess and Jonathan Lemalu
  • 13th March: Vitaly Pisarenko
  • 10th April: Andrew and Zrinka Bottrill Duo
  • 15th May: Greenwich Piano Trio
  • 3rd July: Grier Piano Trio
  • 24th July: Fitzwilliam String Quartet
  • 11th September: Roskell Piano Trio
  • 6th November: Greenwich Piano Trio
  • 27th November: Rosamunde Piano Trio

Concert Booking Instructions

  1. Send an email, indicating how many places you require, also stating whether payment will be by cheque or bank transfer (you can also use our online contact form to get in touch).
  2. Once you have received a confirmation of your booking, send a cheque payable to Maxability (address will be provided) or make a direct bank transfer (bank details will be emailed to you with your  confirmation).
  3. Please support us by signing a Gift Aid form either at the concert or online if purchasing ceramics or making a donation.

Please note that the standard donation is £35 per person, including an excellent supper and wine (£25 for concert only) and 5 raffle tickets, with the chance to win a beautiful ceramic piece made by one of the students who attend our Maxability classes. The raffle is drawn on the evening of the concert.

Concerts begin at 7pm. Doors are open from 6.30pm, when you may wish to reserve your seat(s) on arrival and enjoy a glass of wine.

There is no parking at the venue, but plenty of parking spaces are available on the roads in the surrounding area.