UPDATE – Rosamunde Piano Trio, 17th November 2018

With only two weeks to go before one of Maxability’s major events of 2018, there are still some places available for the final concert of this year, on Saturday 17th November at 7 pm.

Living on the spot, Anita and Emile don’t need to travel to hear great music – but they would go a long way to experience tonight’s two main works, performed by the widely renowned Rosamunde Piano Trio.

The first is one of Mendelssohn’s most romantic and melody-filled chamber compositions, the deeply-moving Piano Trio No.2 in C minor, Op.66.

The second is one of Shostakovich’s most profound works – Piano Trio No.2 in E minor, Op.67. Its opening theme is breathtakingly etched on the upper harmonics of the Cello strings with no vibrato – a challenge to every cellist who has ever been brave enough to embrace this staggering work.

As with so many of our performances, ‘once heard, never forgotten!’

Star players occasionally perform at Greenacre as a sort of ‘run-through’ for a South Bank, Wigmore or King’s Place booking, but this time it’s the other way around – when you hear them on 17th they will already have performed the identical programme at King’s Place! So they will be well-rehearsed, relaxed and eager to give their best in this strikingly original programme.

For full booking instructions, including suggested donations, please have a look at our concerts page.