Sam Kelly and Jamie Francis

We were delighted to kick off 2021 with an exclusive concert recorded for us by the renowned folk-duo, Sam Kelly (Guitar) and Jamie Francis (Banjo). You will recall their performance for Maxability a few years ago, following which we were besieged with requests to invite them back. Their new concert for us includes several new folk-songs alongside some of their most popular pieces.

Sam and Jamie filmed this video especially for Maxability when they were in their studio recording their forthcoming album, and therefore the image and sound quality are excellent. For this we are extremely grateful to them.

To Book

To buy access to this remarkable concert recording, please send us a booking email, and we will send you the bank transfer details to make your donation of £15, followed by a link to view the concert video.

Background and reviews 

Multi-award-winning folk musicians Sam Kelly and Jamie Francis first met at university in Brighton in 2010 and started performing in Sussex as a duo, playing folk and blues songs. Over the years they have become two of the most respected and innovative musicians on the British folk scene, and are the main songwriting partnership behind the hit folk band Sam Kelly and The Lost Boys.

In non-Covid times, they play together throughout the UK at folk clubs, music venues and festivals, performing inventive interpretations of tunes and songs (between humorous anecdotes and stories of their misadventures). An evening of most pleasurable musical entertainment is guaranteed!

You can find out more about them by visiting Sam Kelly’s website.

Their work has attracted numerous rave reviews. Here are just a few edited highlights:

About Sam Kelly

‘What a beautiful singer. He has that really rare male voice, that soft-edged tone, you know those beautiful tenor voices of the 30’s and 40’s… it really draws you in.’

Kate Rusby, fRoots magazine (on the ‘next big thing’).

‘Sam has such a beautiful voice and sings with so much soul. I’ve seen him perform live a few times and he’s amazing.’

Cara Dillon

‘I think this guy is absolutely brilliant…. His voice is beyond sublime.’

Mike Harding

‘Amazing, thrilling music.’

Mark Radcliffe, Radio 2 Folk Show

‘A captivating performer, Sam Kelly has one of the best young male voices in British acoustic roots music. Seriously… Check him out!’

Sean Lakeman

About Jamie Francis

‘Fantastic banjo player’

Mike Harding, the Mike Harding Folk Show

‘Stealing the banjo from the clutches of Mumford and Sons’

Huey Morgan, Fun Lovin’ Criminals, BBC Radio 2

‘Exemplary Banjo’

‘Superb banjo picking’