Rosamunde Piano Trio – 27 November 2021

With your generous assistance, and the practical efforts of our “Home team” we have survived the worst of the virus epidemic, and our crucial charity concerts appear to have been reinstated successfully. Our most recent concert, on 6 November, was fully booked two weeks in advance.

Therefore, please don’t hesitate to reserve your places for the final concert of this year, which will be held on 27th November.  

We have never hosted a concert season without including at least one performance by the great Rosamunde Piano Trio [Martino Tirimo (Piano), Ben Sayevich (Violin) and Daniel Veis (Cello)]. Maxability regulars will certainly not want to miss this one – especially with the following programme: 

DVORAK – Piano Trio No. 4 in E Minor, Op 90 (Dumky)
BRAHMS – Piano Quartet No. 3 in C Minor, Op 60

The above works are truly sublime and need no written introduction from me – but on this occasion Rosamunde is venturing away from the classical Piano Trios by including this remarkable work:

REBECCA CLARKE ‘Dumka’ for Piano Trio, composed in 1940/41

British-born Rebecca Clarke was a pioneer at a time of considerable prejudice against female composers. Although trained in England, she achieved her first success in the United States after World War I. At the start of World War II she won temporary and grudging appreciation as a composer. She died at the age of 93, largely unacknowledged.

Composed at a time when Arnold Schoenberg was promoting atonality, Clarke’s Piano Trio is conservative in its harmonic language, but strikingly original in the ways in which Clarke uses her musical material.


The recommended donation of £35 will cover the concert, drinks and light post-concert snack.

Please note that our supper provision at concerts has changed.  For full details, and for booking instructions – including suggested donations – please have a look at our concerts page.