Piano Duets – Rachmaninov and Schubert

We are delighted to offer you our recording of a beautiful Piano Duet concert, performed at Greenacre on 17 April by Zrinka and Andrew Bottrill, of two major works by Schubert and Rachmaninov, with a short Scherzo by Dora Pejačević in between.

There are no vocal introductions, but there is a detailed printed sheet of the programme and explanatory notes on each work clearly visible when you begin the viewing. Please listen particularly to the Minor/Major transition that occurs in the slow second subject of the Schubert, and each time it is repeated. Note also the theme in the final section of the Rachmaninov – if it sounds familiar, that’s because Rachmaninov incorporated it from Mussorgsky’s “Pictures at the Exhibition”. We are sure you’ll enjoy it!

Please note that Zrinka and Andrew declined to accept payment, generously donating this performance to Maxability. We are truly grateful to them.

To buy access to this remarkable concert recording, please send us a booking email, and we will send you the bank transfer details to make your donation of £15, followed by a link to view the concert video. Should you prefer to donate via PayPal, please visit our donations page.

Many thanks, as ever, for your support.