General Admission Classes

Maxability also offers general admission classes for the wider community, irrespective of age or ability. These classes are particularly popular with retired people. Our studio serves as an ideal environment, with its warm and friendly atmosphere, in which latent creativity may be explored and developed. These classes are offered once per week on Thursdays from 10 am to 4 pm, at a cost of £20 per person for a 2-hour session.

Evening and weekend classes are now being arranged, for which purpose a new teacher is being recruited.

The people we support . . . enjoy the creative environment where they participate and concentrate throughout the session as well as there being a therapeutic element. 

Natalie Aarons, Service Manager, Kisharon

These classes help to subsidise the workshops offered to adults with disabilities. They represent one of several ways in which the money you pay to Maxability can be treated as a donation. Kindly fill in a Gift Aid Form which, if you are a UK taxpayer, will allow Maxability to claim an additional 25p for every pound you donate (at no cost to you).

To request a place in one of our classes, please fill in our enrolment form.