Vinicius Les

My Work With Maxability

My name is Vinicius Les, and I’m an artist practising in fine arts and ceramics. I have been working as a tutor for Maxability since October 2015.

I met Anita Woolf when she was looking for a tutor for her courses. She explained everything she does there in the BCIL building and I was amazed to see a lady of her age with such a vigour and such a drive to do whatever it takes in order to provide an artistic environment and a social gathering of a higher quality. She offered her financial resources, her books, her art materials and not lastly, herself.

Now after a few months in her employment, I have had the chance to get to know the whole group much better.

From my own experience in working with people with learning disabilities/difficulties and mental health issues, I can tell you that people interested in arts wouldn’t like to replace these kinds of social activities for anything else, such as bowling. This is not because they would not like those activities but because for a creative person, artistic projects are the most valuable and enriching ways of spending time.

The people that I meet at BCIL are highly passionate about arts, their cultural projects and their social activity. They have a great drive for succeeding in their work despite being disabled, and they don’t complain about their situation when a difficulty arises. I can see how Maxability is a vital part of their life both mentally and physically.

Now, facing eviction because of the new planned building site, they are in danger of losing their most important activity. We can be sure it will be a great loss for both the community and Barnet Council.

I believe that Anita Woolf’s work will be a highly important part of the legacy of Barnet Borough.

by Vinicius Les, 14 March 2016